OC Teens – Teen Camp 2018 Recap

Each summer our Orange County Teen Ministry, along with other high school students from Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Fresno and Hawaii, travel to Murrieta for what we call “Teen Camp!”  The theme of this year’s camp was “KING.”  Each night the entire camp came together for a time of worship and learning from the Word of God, and each of the main lessons focused on an aspect of King Jesus.  After each of these lessons, the students spent time with their cabin-mates reflecting and personalizing the lesson material.  It’s been encouraging to hear how these lessons and times of worship have deeply impacted our students!

Some of the camps most exciting moments occurred during the intense competitions.  All of our students were split up into “tribes,” and these large teams competed throughout the week in various competitions: Dodgeball, Battle Royale, Relay Race, Lip Sync, Glow-in-the-Dark Ultimate Frisbee, and more.  There were points given out in each competition for sportsmanship, spirit and performance, and the Tribe of Phillip took away the trophy with the most points this year!

Apart from these competitions, students were also able to attend workshops on various subjects ranging from Social Media, Sexuality, Relationships, Family Drama, and Leadership.  This year’s camp also included a specialized track entitled “Drop Zone” for all of our incoming freshman guys.

Overall, our Teen Ministry has returned from camp inspired by King Jesus and many have come home wanting to study the Bible.  We ask that you continue to pray for our Teen Ministry, and we thank all of those amazing staff and counselors who spent their week up at camp with our students!

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