Married Ministry

We are a ministry made up of married couples. We meet in geographically-based small groups as we strive to make God central to our marriages and to live our vows every day.

Singles Ministry

We are a ministry comprised of Christians from all over Orange County striving everyday to make God enough in our lives. We cater to the needs of single adults and single parents who are not in college. We are devoted to worshiping God through bible study, serving the community, and great fellowship.

Korean Ministry

A group of dedicated Christians serving the Koreans in Metro Los Angeles Area, California. We are fortunate to have a ministry dedicated to serving the Korean speaking community in Orange County.

Spanish Ministry

La razón por la cual existe el Ministerio Familiar en Español es porque entendemos lo importante que es poder oir la palabra de Dios en nuestra propia lengua. Los invitamos a que nos acompañen a alabar a nuestro Señor y hacer amistades con familias que buscan vivir su vida de una manera que agrada a Dios. Sabemos lo importante que es tener amistades espirituales que nos pueden ayudar a seguir a Cristo.

College Ministry

Our college ministry offers students an opportunity to build their faith during this pivotal and unique time of their life. Engaging in both, spiritual and recreational activities with peers, our college ministry provides individuals with the support and encouragement to strengthen their walk with God within our larger community.

Teen Ministry

This is for anyone who attends high school. Every weekend (either Friday or Saturday) we have an activity to participate in.

Junior High Ministry

This ministry is for the 7th and 8th graders.

Pre-Teen Ministry

This ministry is for children in 5th and 6th grade. We have parent coordinators that plan 1-2 activities per month for this age group.

7-Ups Ministry

This ministry is for children 7years old-4th grade. We have monthly activities where one family volunteers to organize something so the children get a chance to know each other, bond and have fun. These are usually activities where we ask some parents to stay and supervise (and fellowship) not just the family hosting the event.