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Mornings can be hectic in our house. Getting ready, packing lunch, and eating breakfast. When everyone is in the kitchen area, I use the opportunity to open up my iPhone to a bookmark. Kid’s Daily Devotional (Powered by Key’s for Kids Ministry). New lesson updates daily.

I find that this is a great tool with a Bible Reading and a Short Story (a conversation between a parent, child or someone in their life). The story ties back to the scripture. A ‘How About You? section with questions. A Key Thought to take away. Overall it’s 5-10 minutes to start the day.

The first time I started these, my kids were busy doing their own thing and I didn’t get any response. It was discouraging but I continued each day. Whether they were listening or not, I would read it to them. Kids do listen. Slowly I get responses, sometimes they remind me that it is story time.

Today’s Lesson is 1 Corinthian 3:5-10 (Paul plants, Apollos waters but God makes it grow). The story title “The Silent Witness”. The kids went to a pizza place. Later they learned that they had an impact on a man they didn’t even notice. The man visited their pastor’s office. He said he was annoyed at a large group of kids coming in but was impressed by their behavior, how polite and patience they were with the servers. As he was leaving he saw their church info on the van. That night he thought about how he used to go to church as a kid and he couldn’t stop thinking about God. By their actions, the kids watered the man’s heart.

The Key Thought : Share Jesus through words and action.

Check it out, read it to your children or bookmark it so they can read it for their quiet times.

Thanha Laipple

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