International Campus Ministry Conference (ICMC) 2018 Recap

On July 5-8, 2200 college students gathered at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center for ICMC 2018, “Break Every Chain.” Most of all we are grateful for how God’s Spirit moved throughout the entire time. The conference had a special focus of relying on God to accomplish this mission of bringing the message of freedom to this generation of college students. There were powerful messages delivered by campus leaders, Brian Campbell, Stuart Mains and Michael DeAquino to a truly international gathering of students.

Because of this focus on God, Saturday morning at the ICMC, three introductory messages were given about HOPE worldwide, global missions and leadership. Each session was then followed by 20 minutes of prayer, with the students gathered in small groups. Marty Wilkerson led the dynamic final charge for the future leadership of our movement. He shared the desperate need for a new generation of full-time ministers and he urged students to attend the optional session following the prayer time. After the prayer time, hundreds of students swarmed into the meeting room that had been reserved for this class, “Hear the Call.” Our prayer has been that more students would hear the call of God to go into the full-time ministry and we do believe that the Spirit moved powerfully during that time.

Hearts were moved, lives were changed, and a whole new generation of leaders and future leaders were inspired to change the world and break the chains of those in need and bring them the message of freedom in Christ. To God be the glory!

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