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Rise 21 – Campus Ministry

Rise 21

The Fall Retreat is a yearly event put on by the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry designed to connect college students across the Pacific Southwest United States. Between the diverse gathering of students, the Halloween-themed dance party, and the presentations throughout the weekend, our goal is to inspire students to take the next step in their individual and communal relationship with God.

The theme for this year’s Fall Retreat is ‘Different.’ Our presentations will highlight how a different way of thinking combined with different societal relationships leads to a different reality in God.

Different Thinking
In the Sermon of the Mount, Jesus offers a different perspective on the Kingdom of God. This sermon will highlight the thinking necessary for allegiance to God.

Different Relationships
God calls his people to strive for complete unity, although not necessarily complete uniformity. In our world, we see this dynamic play out every day: you either agree with me, or we are enemies! This sermon will show the necessity of relationships in a divided world.

Different Reality
When our thinking is in line with the reign of God, and we strive for relationships despite our differences, it leads to a new reality. This lesson will outline our change in perspective that comes from submission to God.

When: October 29-31st, 2021.  Event starts at 4pm on the 29th.
Location: 10 Goodyear, Irvine, CA

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